In today’s connected world, knowing English is more important than ever. English can help you get better jobs and meet people from other countries. To become good at English, you need to practise often. Practising helps you remember what you learn and use it better. Luckily, technology has changed how we learn languages. Now, it is easier and more fun to learn English with the help of apps and online tools.

Nowadays, phone apps give you new ways to learn English whenever and wherever you want. Today, let’s look at the best free apps that can help you get better at English. They help with building your vocabulary, improving grammar and writing, and practising listening and speaking. These apps help you improve your English step by step, using technology to help you achieve your learning targets quickly and effectively.

Vocabulary building apps

Having a good vocabulary is really important when you’re learning a new language. Duolingo is effective because it turns learning into a game-like experience. You can do language exercises every day and see how long you can keep going without missing a day. It has lots of different activities to help you learn, which makes learning fun.

Memrise uses special methods to help you remember words better, like repeating them at the right times and using memory tricks. People love Memrise because it makes learning fun and the lessons easy to remember. It gives you a personalised learning plan and interesting lessons. Many users share stories about how Memrise has greatly improved their vocabulary and overall English skills.

Anki is great for people who want to learn a lot of new words in a systematic way. It uses flashcards that you can change to fit your needs and it works on different devices. Even though it might seem a bit tricky at first, Anki is really flexible and helps you remember words really well. People like how it can be used in different ways and how it shows you how well you’re doing, which makes it a favourite for those serious about getting better at English.

Grammar and writing apps

Knowing grammar and being good at writing are very important for learning English well. Grammarly is a top tool for this. It checks your grammar, suggests better ways to write, and finds copied text. Grammarly works best with an internet connection. Many users say it has greatly improved their writing.

Ginger Software is helpful for checking grammar, spelling, and even translating text, which is useful for writing. However, the free version has some limits compared to the paid one. Reviews say it’s good for improving writing, but people notice the free version doesn’t have all the features of the paid one.

Hemingway Editor helps make your writing easier to understand by finding long sentences and suggesting simpler ways to write them. It’s not a full grammar checker, but it gives you really useful tips to make your writing clearer and shorter. People like how easy it is to use and how quickly it helps them write better.

Listening and speaking apps

Understanding spoken language and speaking fluently are crucial for effective communication in everyday situations. HelloTalk allows you to communicate with native English speakers through messaging and voice chats. This helps you learn better because you’re having real conversations. Availability to chat depends on whether people are online at the same time as you are. People who use HelloTalk say they learn a lot about other cultures and get much better at English from talking to others on the app.

Tandem gives you a way to practice languages by connecting you with language partners and tutors. It combines learning with real conversations, but the free version has less features as compared to the paid version. People who use Tandem say they’ve met language partners and tutors who’ve helped them a lot, and they feel they’ve gotten better at speaking because of it.

BBC Learning English offers many audio and video lessons on lots of different topics. These help you understand what people say and learn new words. It has really good content, even though you need the internet to use it fully. People like how interesting the lessons are and how much they learn from them. BBC Learning English is great for getting better at English.


To sum up, the apps we talked about offer great ways to improve your English skills. Duolingo, Memrise, and Anki are excellent for building vocabulary with fun games and smart review methods. Grammarly, Ginger Software, and Hemingway Editor help you get better at grammar and writing. HelloTalk, Tandem, and BBC Learning English help you practice listening and speaking with real conversations, lessons, and interesting videos.

Technology has revolutionised language learning, making it more accessible and personalised than ever before. These apps provide convenient ways to practice language skills and adapt to individual learning styles, fostering a dynamic and effective learning experience. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine advanced language abilities, exploring these tools and attending Golders Green College can significantly enhance your journey towards English fluency.

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