English Language College
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Golders Green College
11 Golders Green Road
London, NW11 8DY
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The only accredited English college in Golders Green.

Staff Profiles

Here are some of the people you will meet while you are at Golders Green College:

David Simons

David is the Principal of Golders Green College. He has been in the business of teaching English for over 20 years and has demonstrated considerable expertise in founding and developing language schools. David prides himself on high levels of student satisfaction and flexibility in delivering outstanding results.
Not only is David a keen sailor, he also found time to write a novel. david-book

Director of Studies
Mei Ling Delmonte

Delta (Cambridge), Cert TESOL (Trinity), LL.B. (Hons)
After practising law for some years, Mei Ling decided to become an EFL teacher. She is now the Director of Studies at Golders Green College. In her spare time she is a beekeeper and has her hands full managing tens of thousands of bees. She is also an avid reader, film buff and gardening enthusiast.

Senior Teachers

Teacher Trainer
Viola Szekelyhidi

Viola holds the Cambridge DELTA and the Trinity Cert TESOL. She has been working at Golders Green College as a teacher and trainer since 2004. Viola is one of our senior teachers with extensive experience in EFL and teacher training.

Teacher Trainer
Janice Jablonka

MA in Modern Literatures in English and a BA (Hons) in Humanities and English Literature
Janice holds an MA in Modern Literatures in English and a BA (Hons) in Humanities and English Literature. She has the Cert TESOL and is currently studying for her Cambridge DELTA. Janice has a broad educational background, including working with learners with special educational needs.

EFL Teachers

EFL Teacher
Jack Molyneux

BA in English Literature

Jack enjoys teaching general English, exam preparation and Business English. He has a passion for learning about new cultures and communicating between cultures. His interests are football and musicals.

EFL Teacher
Nora Al-Sadoon

Cert TESOL (Trinity)
Nora has been working in Golders Green College for over 5 years. She is warm and approachable. she enjoys cooking, travelling and music. Nora is fluent in French and often visits France.

EFL Teacher
Peter Ayres

Peter has been working at Golders Green College since 2007. He specializes in making his classes highly ommunicative. He’s positive and supportive, always trying to nurture students to be the best they can be. Interests include cooking, horticulture, karate, guitar and Buddhism. He also likes chocolate.


Registrar/Welfare Officer/EFL Teacher
George Delmonte

Cert TESOL (Trinity)
George has been working in Golders Green College since 2009. Working in reception and covering lessons, George loves to meet and help students. His interests are, cooking, climbing and exploring the world. He also enjoys playing football and often takes students to the park for a match!

Registrar/Welfare Officer/EFL Teacher
Hadleigh Delmonte

Hadleigh works in reception and teaches a class. He enjoys socialising with students and is in charge of the social program at Golders Green College. He is fluent in Japanese and is a monster at video games. His interests also include playing the Taiko drums, cooking and singing karaoke.

Japanese Counselor
Mariko Hayashi

Japanese Counselor