People have been creating idioms for many, many years. These are integrated not only in the English language but in many other languages as well. Idioms are used by plenty of people daily. These phrases need to be learned though because just by looking at the words, they would not make sense – that is why they should not be taken quite literally. This is why people living in the United Kingdom should learn some of the most common idioms, or else, they get confused about what the other person may be talking about.

What are the common English idioms used in the UK? Here are some of them.

Blessing in disguise

This idiom is used for something that may seem like it was unlucky or bad but eventually turns out to be good later on.

Rose had a really bad start to her day. She woke up late, there was no water, and she missed her bus. She ended up taking a cab, which was too expensive for her. But all these turned out to be a blessing in disguise since the bus that she was supposed to take figured in an accident.

The best of both worlds

“The best of both worlds” does not necessarily mean having two kinds of worlds or planets. It actually is used to describe enjoying the perks of two totally different things in one go.

Enid does not need to use her vacation credits to travel. Her job pays her to travel and experience the world. She’s definitely getting the best of both worlds.

Give the cold shoulder

When this idiom is used, it means to say that a person is ignoring someone intentionally. They could also be treating someone coldly or in a manner that is unfriendly.

I don’t know what I did wrong but Jessica has been giving me the cold shoulder since last week.

Let the cat out of the bag

This idiom does not have anything to do with cats. In fact, it actually means letting a secret be known. Most of the time, it is used when the action is done unintentionally.

Lisa felt utterly betrayed after her best friend let the cat out of the bag.

Once in a blue moon

“Once in a blue moon” means that “not very often” or “rare”. It stems from the appearance of a second full moon in just one month. This rarely happens. In fact, it is said to happen once in every 32 months.

I’ve filled up my schedule with work so going out and seeing my friends happens once in a blue moon.

On cloud nine

When someone is said to be on cloud nine, it means that this person is really excited and very happy, even ecstatic.

Wendy was definitely on cloud nine after she learned that she had won the lotto jackpot.

Idioms may not be easy to learn, but using them in daily conversations would definitely help a person get used to them. Doing so helps them be familiar with the meanings and how they are used.

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