English is the language used by millions of people around the world and that is why plenty of people choose to study this and hone their English skills. While there may be courses on the English language offered in many countries, there are still a lot of individuals who choose to take an English language course in a country that has English as its main language. Doing this not only helps them learn the language but they are also regularly exposed to people who speak the language, so this means that they continuously hone their skills and practice using English.

Many people choose to study English in London in the United Kingdom. This city is the center of business in the country and is also home to people who speak the language well. By choosing to study here, students get to practice their skills not only in school but also by interacting with the locals.

Aside from this benefit, studying an English course in London also comes with other advantages. And people are encouraged to take advantage of these benefits. What are these? Read on and find out.

Explore and enjoy the many parks in London.

One of the many things that London offers are the many and beautiful parks in the area. Each one is different from the other and they are all quite charming. There are some really popular parks like Green Park, St. James’s Park, and Hyde Park, and there are also not so popular parks. Checking each one out is going to be an adventure.

Go café hopping.

People in London do not just love tea – they also love coffee. That is reflected in the abundance of cafes in the entire city. People visit these cafes not just to get their caffeine fix but also to just sit and enjoy their hot (or cold) beverage. There are tons of cafes around and café hopping could be a great activity to do. Each one is different from the other and each one has its own charm.

Visit markets.

Not a lot of people are fond of markets but those who are in London should try and visit the many markets there. Doing this not only allows people to practice using English in conversations but it also allows them to have access to some of the cheapest and best produce in the country. It is also a great way to learn more about the cuisine of the city and the country as well as learn more about its culture.

Visit museums.

One of the many things that people should know about London and the United Kingdom is that it is home to many museums. The British are proud of their rich and colorful history and people can learn about these in the many museums in the city and in the country. Taking the time to visit these museums would help people gain more knowledge about the place while also marveling at the various things on display.

Make friends.

The British may seem like very serious people but they can be great friends. Making friends is one of the things that students in London can do. This would only help them gain potential life-long friends – making friends can also help students get help on their path towards honing and learning English skills.

Enjoy after tea.

The UK is known as a country that loves tea and afternoon tea is something that students in London should not miss out on. It is a tradition that has been around since the 1840s and it would be a great thing to experience this at present.


Studying an English course in London is definitely not just all about choosing a good school like Golders Green College and learning the language there. It comes with additional benefits that people should take advantage of while they are in the city.

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