English is a widely spoken language and many people around the world speak this language. Learning it opens up many opportunities in education, business, travel, and personal development. It is a challenging but rewarding experience, and with the right resources and approach, anyone can become proficient in this language.

The key to learning it is to make it a part of your daily life. It would be great if one is able to immerse themselves in the language. There will be challenges but those who are really interested in learning it should never give up. There is always room for improvement and growth, and so even those who may already know the language should continue learning it, especially if they want to be better at it.

Some people may think that learning English can be boring, but there are plenty of ways to do so. One of these is listening to podcasts. These audio recordings are easily accessible as they are available online. People can choose the right podcasts to listen to, which can greatly help them learn English.

Here are 10 of the best podcasts that one can listen to this 2023 so they can learn English.

Podcast 1: Learn English Podcast

Beginners can choose to listen to this. The podcast episodes on Learn English Podcast are usually based on discussions and are about situations that commonly occur on the daily. It is also good that each episode has a transcript that people can follow and read as they go along. It also comes with exercises that would allow people to check how well they understood each episode.

Podcast 2: Voice of America: Learning English

This is the best podcast to listen to for those who are interested in learning American English. Voice of America: Learning English has many different podcasts available for the different English levels of learners.

Podcast 3: 6-Minute English

Not a lot of people have plenty of time to spare to learn English. That is why 6-Minute English is the best one for those who have only a few minutes to learn the language. There are new episodes each week and intermediate learners can benefit a lot. Episodes have vocabulary lists, and questions that the learner must answer. Each episode also has a transcript that learners can follow.

Podcast 4: All Ears English

This is a great place for English learners who are in the intermediate to advanced levels. All Ears English uses American English and would be great for those who would like to sound like a native speaker. The episodes are focused on skills that can be used socially or professionally.

Podcast 5: Luke’s English Podcast

Those who may be looking for podcasts that have been around for a long time should head over to Luke’s English Podcast. It offers English episodes for the longest time. Those who want to learn English in an entertaining way would find this the best fit for them.

Podcast 6: Business English Pod

Those who want to learn business English should try out Business English Pod. The episodes can be downloaded. Each episode comes with quizzes as well as transcripts. This is a great place for beginner to intermediate learners who would like to better their English skills, which they could use for business purposes like meetings and networking.

Podcast 7: The English We Speak

BBC is behind The English We Speak. The episodes are usually around 3 minutes in length. Each one is focused on an English expression or idiom that is commonly used in the United Kingdom. Those who are planning to move to the UK would greatly benefit from this.

Podcast 8: Send7 Simple English News Daily

Those who are into news podcasts can find that at Send 7. It talks about important news from around the world while using clear and simple English. Intermediate learners can choose to listen to the episodes here.

Podcast 9: Duolingo Podcast

Duolingo Podcast is great for Portuguese or Spanish speakers who are looking to better their skills on English listening. The episodes talk about ordinary things like pets, road trips, and comfort food.

Podcast 10: English Learning for Curious Minds

Intermediate or advanced English learners can benefit a lot from English Learning For Curious Minds. The episodes talk about wonderful and weird things in the world. There are a variety of topics which include philosophy, history, technology, and politics.

These podcasts are great for individuals who are interested in learning or improving their English skills. By listening to podcast episodes, one can have a great time learning English while also learning about many other things that are discussed.

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