Learning a new language in 2023 can bring numerous benefits to a person’s personal and professional life. It can help broaden their horizons, increase cultural understanding, improve communication skills, and open up new opportunities.

People have many reasons to learn a new language like English. They may want to travel to a country that speaks English, connect with people who speak the language, or boost their career prospects, learning a new language can be considered a valuable investment in the future. There is really no better time to learn English So, why not take advantage of this year and start learning?

Here are some reasons why people should learn English this year.

Learning is easier these days.

While others may think that learning English can be a daunting task, what most people do not realize is that the advancements in technology have made things a lot easier. Learning has become very accessible and even more fun. There are many apps and games that help people learn English on their own time. Learning in a group can also be done online, thanks to the internet.

Getting ready to travel.

When the pandemic had people holed up in their own homes for months, the lifting of the restrictions had changed a lot of people’s perspectives, making them want to venture out into the world and simply travel. Learning English can definitely help a lot of people be ready for travel. Most countries in the world speak English so knowing the language would be a great advantage.

Training the brain.

Another great thing about learning English is that it helps train the brain. A new language helps make the brain do better and work better. The onset of the dreaded dementia would be delayed, and people are also able to multitask better. It also helps people focus on problems well, enabling them to solve them in the best possible way.

Be happier.

People who have learned a new language claim that they have become happier with themselves. The new skills that they have has helped build their self-esteem as well as their confidence. The new language also stimulates the center of the brain that gives people happiness, so it is definitely a win-win!

Learning from mistakes.

As a learner of a new English, people would definitely make mistakes. While many people fear making mistakes, this is not the case with learning English and making these errors. One is able to realize that it is not really about focusing on the mistakes, but rather acknowledging the mistakes and working on them so that they do not repeat them again.

Changing careers.

There are certain roles that may require one to learn English. If a certain role asks for such, learning English would allow a person to pursue that role and grow their career.


There is no better time to start learning English as a new language than this year. Starting the year right can enable people to do a whole lot more the entire year. Golders Green College can help you learn English through their various courses.

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