Many say that English is the language that people should learn because it is spoken in almost all of countries in the world. In fact, this language has been called the universal language. This is why those who are not that good with the language or do not know the language, do try to learn it.

There are plenty of ways that one can learn the language. Some people try to teach themselves by reading English comic books or magazines. They also try to watch TV shows or movies that use the language. That way, they can be familiar with it. However, there is still a lot more to learn about the language than just being familiar with it. And that is where schools like Golders Green School of English come in. Institutions like this help individuals get formal classes on the language and help them learn better and have a better grasp of it.

Why do people choose Golders Green School of English to learn the language?

Thousands of individuals have chosen Golders Green School of English to learn English. Why do they choose this school? Here are nine amazing reasons why.

  • Affordable fees. People choose this school because the fees are affordable but the quality of education is not sacrificed. Many schools that teach the English language nowadays can cost an arm and a leg but this is not the case for Golders Green School of English.
  • Teachers are qualified speakers of the English language at native levels. The best way to learn English formally would be to get it from teachers who speak the language well. Golders Green School of English is proud to have teachers who do not only speak English well but are at native speaker levels. This means that they live and breathe the language, allowing them to teach better and share what they know.
  • Accredited by the British Council. The school has been given accreditation by the British Council. This means that it has passed the quality assurance scheme that the organization has. This ensures that how English is taught in the school is of quality.
  • Approved by the government. Golders Green School of English has been given the approval by the United Kingdom government. This means that it has met all of the standards and the requirements that the government has.
  • Located in an amazing area. Those who choose to study in this school is rewarded with a campus that is in a great location. They can enjoy the surroundings and the campus during their free time.
  • Classrooms are conducive for learning. Classrooms in the school have been built so that they are conducive for learning. They are bright and are spacious so that students can focus better and absorb all of their lessons.
  • Friendly staff. The school also has friendly staff who are more than willing to help students out with any issues that they may have.
  • An amazing social programme. Golders Green School of English has an amazing social programme that is meant to help students have a great experience while studying. After all, school is not just all about studying but also learning and experiencing things outside the classroom.
  • Greatly-designed curriculum. The school has a curriculum that has been designed well to help students learn better. It also has innovative methods of teaching that have proven to be useful in teaching better.

These are nine amazing reasons why the Golders Green School of English has been one of the top choices for individuals who want to learn English.

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