While there are a lot of people in the world who can speak English, there is still a portion of the population who want to learn the language or would like to further hone their English competency. To learn the language, some would choose to use apps like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo. There are those who would use their time watching movies and TV shows that use the English language. People also would opt to converse regularly with those who can speak the language. However, these may not be enough. Learning the language in formal setting would be the best bet to really learning it.

There are plenty of schools that offer this, and some people choose to learn the language by enrolling in a school in a country that already speaks the language. That way, they get the formal education that they need while being able to interact with native speakers of the language. They can practice using the language daily – in school and while interacting with the locals.

The United Kingdom is one of the top countries where people who want to learn English go to, and that should not come as a surprise. Here are top reasons why this country is the best place to learn the language.

UK offers different programs.

This country is home to the most number of English language courses in the entire world. These courses are usually not just relegated to the kind used in normal classrooms. In fact, the country has programs that have been designed for different purposes – professional, educational, or personal. This would mean that students can choose the program that serves their purpose best.

Study with students from different countries.

Each year, thousands of students from different countries around the world choose to study English in the United Kingdom. By doing so, students can learn the language and also learn about the cultures of their classmates, and maybe even learn an additional language in the process.

Teaching English is a tradition in the UK.

Not a lot of people know about this but teaching the English language is a tradition in the United Kingdom and it has been going on for ages. It has a great history doing so and definitely lots of experience. One can definitely be assured that they would be learning from the best here.

Quality education.

Schools in the United Kingdom that teach English language courses are guaranteed to provide quality education. These language centers and schools go through regular inspection to be given certification. They also ensure that they provide a learning experience that is of quality. Quality education is just one big factor as these learning institutions also provide quality teaching, the best accommodation for students, service support for students, and a lot more.

Renowned around the globe.

Certifications from the United Kingdom are recognized and given respected all around the world. By completing an English language course in the country, students can advance and improve their careers.

Among the many schools that offer English language courses, Golders Green School of English is one of the top choices for many students. It has helped tons of students learn the language while ensuring the safety and total development of the individual while they are in the UK.

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