While many are happy to be having their classes online, there are some things to consider. One must have a good internet connection and enough resources for students to be able to keep up with the lessons. Online classes also mean that students do not have to commute to go to class or would not even have to worry about getting up earlier than usual just to be able to get ready for class. But the thing is, there are advantages to classroom learning where students can interact with each other.

Yes, that is right. There are advantages of studying in a classroom setting. It is only with this COVID-19 era that most people saw that classes can be held online. However, there are still many who wonder if online classes are advantageous as compared to learning in a classroom. This is often the thought of students who are studying the English language.

The truth is, classroom learning come with its set of advantages and here are some of them.


When learning English in the classroom, instructors can ask students to work on projects together so they can collaborate their ideas. The students get to learn things from each other, help each other learn better, and get better learning results. Although collaboration is also encouraged in online classes, there is nothing better than being together in the classroom and work together on a project assigned to them.

Social development.

Most students do not have a hard time learning through online classes since they are already very comfortable using technology. However, being able to interact with other in-person in a classroom helps students not only learn better but also build their social skills. In fact, many students become friends with their classmates, and eventually become life-long buddies. Many still struggle with connecting on a social level with online classmates and some even say that online learning is quite a lonely affair.


Another great thing that learning in a classroom brings to students is that it helps develop responsibility in a person. When students learn through online classes, they do not have to prepare much. All they have to do is wake up just a few minutes before classes start and then login to whatever platform the class is using. However, in the case of classroom learning, students need to learn to wake up earlier than usual, prepare themselves for class, be properly dressed for their classes, and make sure that they get to their class on time. They also get to create a routine that would work well for them and this helps them become more responsible individuals.

Collaboration, social development, and responsibility are just three of the major reasons why classroom learning is better for students. Golders Green College offers face-to-face classes for all their students, including those who are studying the English language. This helps their students work better on their lessons and develop themselves as well. This also helps the students be prepared and set for success.

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